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About Dr. Melinea Holman        

"To gain wisdom we must have knowledge and experience, to have knowledge and experience we must first be aware and to be aware we must have acceptance of our fear, worry, anger, sadness and grief.
                                                                                                                – Dr. Melinea Holman

Dr. Melinea Holman, DC has been serving the Fort Myers and Southwest Florida area since 1995. She is holistic health care practitioner, who uses the patient’s natural healing abilities in conjunction with traditional and integrative medicine as means of therapy to optimize the care of the patient. Her practice incorporates pre-screening tests such as Heart and PAD screening via the Cardiovision system, Live Blood Cell Analysis, Nutritional Tissue Analysis, Hair Sampling Analysis, Salvia Hormonal Testing, Neurotransmitter Laboratory Analysis, Bio-energy testing and CRA-contact reflex analysis

Physical ailments usually begin from an internal source such as belief systems and emotions which are
stored in the body. 98% of all physical complaints can be tracked back to an energetic imbalance that
stems back from an emotional trauma or belief systems, from a gall bladder attack to a broken ankle.
So her job is to track back to where the illness began and not to simply treat the physical ailment itself, but allow the healing to occur at the source of the issue. Treating the physical ailment alone is like putting air into a flat tire and never finding out why the tire is going flat.

While it is true that the body does have the power to heal itself, it is important for the practitioner and healers to understand how energy works and how the body responds to energy balancing. Healers must educate the patient and then the patient must become a lifelong seeker of energy balancing in order to facilitate long lasting effects. No one practitioner has all the answers. There are many ways to balance energies, such as meditation, yoga, visualization, imaging, nutrition, exercise, bodywork, emotional
balancing and clarification of belief systems.

Dr. Holman believes that understanding yourself at a deeper level, such as your belief systems and how
you got to where you are is crucial to optimal health and healing. Her job is to help you understand
where these belief systems came from and how you can release them. Dr. Holman and her staff’s
offbeat sense of humor and love for all humanity make your visit an enjoyable and empowering
experience. She helps make your health issues understandable and puts the power to heal back in
your hands by taking the fear factor out of the healing process.

Click here to make an appointment with Dr. Melinea Holman or call 239-278-5355.

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